Visual Art

Backada Bus Collage (left) by Kwelismith

"I am first and foremost a singer. But I believe in the above quote by Gwendolyn Brooks. I believe we have to accept the political realities of our bodies and do what one must do to live our lives with truth, justice, love and discipline.  The integrity of the soul is the most important thing to me: Nothing else. Without that, we loose what it means to be human. When we compromise our integrity, we become neurotic, manipulative and mean—off balance. So, my visual work is the Fight before the Fiddle song."


"Lark" (right) 9 x 10 Boxed Art
by Kwelismith

The dictionary definition of Lark is an Old World songbird brownish in color. In this art work, the driftwood bird is so determined to sing that it has altered the shape of the box that contains it. Flapping its wings and singing, the bird has chipped away at the box distorting it. There is another bird in the box—a back up singer supporting her song and fiddle. The curtain is clear plastic half open, half closed. Lark is bowing after the 7th curtain call.
12 Bar Blues (left) Photo Collage
by Kwelismith

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